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GINA NICOLE BROWN is a storyteller that uses TV, Film, and Stage to bring words and characters to life. Currently, you can see her in the Netflix docuseries, “The Principles of Pleasure,” and on a billboard at various New York City bus stops for a TV/Print ad campaign for the Office of New York City Emergency Management and the Ad Council. She is an actor and performing artist in several commercials, films, and theatre productions. Widely known for winning BuzzFeed’s 2019 Mother’s Day project, “Black Moms Try Other Moms’ Soul Food,” you may find many of her other credits listed on IMDB. A writer in her spare time, her first book “Teeth Should Not Be Optional: Random Thoughts from an Insomniac” is available on Amazon. She participates in a weekly acting workshop, along with acting classes (Meisner technique), and screenwriting classes. She has a B.A. from American University, and an MBA from The George Washington University. She has spent an unforgivable amount of time working in Corporate America, has a slight obsession with the Oxford comma, and is grounded by her two fearless daughters.